Vitabreed 500ml

Vitabreed 500ml

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Fertilisation, Optimal laying, Development, Vitality

The Golden nutrition supplement that should be present in every loft!

VITABREED is an optimal liquid mixture of vitamins to give extra support to the pigeons before, during and after breeding season.

VITABREED’s unique formula provides a balanced mix of vitamins and high quality ingredients that are essential for fertility. They stimulate the laying, the hatching and cut out of the egg, the growth of the feathers, as well as the growth and the general development of the youngsters.

VITABREED makes the difference!

In breeding it is decisive that the available performance potential can also develop indefinitely. That is why it is also very important to invest in breeding pigeons and provide them with the best nutritional supplements. Excellently developed youngsters are the result of this.

Instructions for use:

Use VITABREED during the breeding season and for the weaned youngsters.

Start giving VITABREED daily two weeks before pairing up to the egg laying.

Then 3 times a week.


Mix 10 ml VITABREED with 1 litre of water or 20 ml with 1 kg of feed.

Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose. Complementary nutrition should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.


Nutrition: /

Analytical components and qualities: raw protein: 0.0%, free fat: 0.0%, raw ash: 0.03%, sodium: 0.0%, lysine: 0%,methionine: 0%

All "Pigeon Health & Performance” products are freely available on the market and approved by a recognized European institution.

Breeding vitamines for optimal fertilization, hatching, good development, perfect feather structure and general vitality.  

The key to success in the pigeon sport is the breeding of the pigeons.  It therefore deserves the necessary attention. It is not only a form of art, breeding is also a serious matter, and every pigeon fancier knows this. We try to couple those pigeons of which we have the highest expectations. We want to pass on the best hereditary traits to get even better pigeons and performances. 

Youngsters have to undergo a tremendous metamorphosis in only a few weeks, from the moment they come out of the egg, till they are deposit. A clever example of development. It is important to ensure the best possible conditions in this first phase of life. During the breeding the metabolism will be increased, which makes pigeons even more sensitive to vitamin deficiencies and infections. There is a lot of demand from the pigeon body! This is why it is important to also add extra vitamins in addition to important building blocks such as amino acids. This is important not only for good fertilization and good formation of the egg, but also for hatching and the growth and development of the youngster. 

In all the grains, no matter how balanced they are, they will never contain everything that the pigeons need for the proper functioning of the life function. The necessary vitamins are not fully present in just the feed. To grow beautiful, young pigeons it is necessary that they are optimally supervised throughout the breeding. They need the necessary building blocks and vitamins. 

VITABREED, liquid breeding vitamins of PigeonHP, support the entire breeding process and help to optimize the conditions for the growth of the youngster. From the coupling of the pigeons, Vitabreed has a positive influence on the mating willingness of the pigeons. Once fertilization takes place, the unique formula of VITABREED provides all the necessary substances throughout the process up to and including the growth of the youngsters. 

The right vitamins are essential to the fertility and later development of the youngsters. Every vitamin has its specific task in the various functions in the body. VITABREED makes the difference during and after breeding! The liquid vitamins are best given during coupling, the lay, the grow of feathers and during the growth and developing of the youngsters.  

In case of VITAMIN E deficiency, also known as “the fertility vitamin”, even sterility can occur. Vitamin E contributes to the proper functioning of the follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) that stimulates the growing of the egg cells of the hen and increases the levels of female hormone. For the male pigeon, it stimulates sperm maturation and increases the male hormone levels. The natural sex rest can be artificially stimulated with Vitabreed. 

Vitamin D is created under the influence of sunlight, and it is precisely this where there is a shortage during breeding season. This vitamin is needed for calcium and phosphorus metabolism. It promotes the absorption of these minerals into the intestines of the pigeon.  

The present Vitamin D3 complex in Vitabreed then provides in turn to, among other things, optimize the scale formation, the bone formation and the structure of the skeleton in the youngsters. 

In a shortage of VITAMIN A the resistance to infection has been reduced. The productivity of the sex glands also decreases. The result of this leads to unfertilized eggs, slowly growing youngsters and even mortality. A poor view of the cornea can also occur.  A custom dose is very important because a overdosing can lead to poor eye development.  

A good dosed mix of many VITAMINS B and FOLIC ACID contributes to the proper development of the embryo in the egg and of the growing up of the youngsters, beautiful down feathers and general development of the feathers, optimal development of muscles and nerves and a good necessary metabolism of proteins and fatty acids. This also stimulates the formation of blood corpuscles. A shortage of these vitamins will result in poor breeding results and any hatched young will die quickly. 

Pigeon fancier Guy baerts from Belgium, user of PigeonHP Products, testifies to "Little Joe" (Photo pigeon) and Vitabreed: "Little Joe grew up from top athlete to super breeder. At the age of 18, Little Joe is extremely vital and still 100% fertile. There is no doubt that this is genetically determined, but environmental factors also play a very important role. I use the products of PigeonHP and especially Vitabreed and Amino Build during breeding. I am therefore convinced that they have a positive influence on the fertility and development of the youngsters.