Start Kit Fond

Start Kit Fond

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New to Pigeon Health and Performance?

Let us help you getting started with our products and experience superb health and results with your racing pigeons!

Together with Jos Thoné, we have prepared a starter package, containing all essential supplements for a good racing season!

For your pigeons flying long-distance races we offer you:

Final Fond 250 gr

1 Carbo 500 gr

1 Recup Fast 500 gr

1 Amino Build 250 gr

1 Metachol 500 ml

1 T-Tonic 500 ml

On top, the package comes with a practical poster of our Feeding Schedule, showing you how and when to use our products as to ensure the best Health & Performance of your pigeons!

Jos recommends to try it yourself. Your pigeons won’t be disappointed!