Moulting Kit

Moulting Kit

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A good moult is critical for a successful racing season, so a good racing season starts with an excellent moult.


Basis for a good moult is a healthy pigeon. You have to ensure that your pigeons are healthy when the moulting season starts, free of any diseases and supported by the right care and nutrition.


To make sure that your pigeons get all the necessary nutrition for the growth of a healthy set of new feathers, we have prepared a package that contains all the critical supplements to support your racing pigeon during this intense period:


1 T-Tonic 500 ml

1 Metachol 500 ml 

1 Health Oil 500 ml

1 Carbo Plus 500 Gr

1 Amino Build 500 Gr



Together with Jos Thoné we have also built a free feeding schedule to help you provide your pigeons with the best care during moulting season. Simple & easy to use:


T-Tonic: 2 to 3 times per week in the pigeon’s water


Amino Build, Health Oil: 1 time per week on the pigeon’s food


Carbo Plus, Metachol: 1 to 2 times per week on the pigeon’s food


Jos recommends to try it yourself to get your pigeons in top shape for the next racing season.