Carbo 1000g

Carbo 1000g

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The most complete nutritional supplement, all year long!

Carbo is a highly effective supplement for racing pigeons that helps to improve muscle strength, endurance and efficiency during periods of intense training and competition.

The unique combination of nutrients has come about after years of research. Carbo contains the necessary proteins and minerals that are very effective in reducing lactic acid in muscles.

The composition consists of glucose polymers, which are the best carbohydrates to increase endurance and improve performance. Carbo also provides important nutrients for the metabolism of carbohydrates. The antioxidants in this pigeon nutrition product are vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin A, which are essential in avoiding the reduction of certain muscle groups. The superiority of Carbo is derived from its optimal balance in carbohydrates, electrolytes and anti-catabolic proteins. It contains the perfect blend to refill depleted reserves.

Carbo's scientifically developed formula prevents muscle fatigue and muscle catabolism. It serves your racing pigeons well, all year long.

Instructions for use:

In principle Carbo is given until the pigeons train well enough, approximate one hour per day. 

Racing season: 3 times per week  

Before & after racing season: 1 time per week

Breeding & moulting season: 3 times per week 


Mix 1 to 2 level measures of Carbo with 1kg feed or 1L water. 

Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose. Complementary nutrition should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.


Nutrition: Maltodextrine, Fructose, Natriumchloride, Kaliumchloride, Magnesium carbonate

Additives per kg: Vitamin E, D-alpha-tocoferol: 1333,33 mg per kg, Vitamine A retinol: 35533 I.U per kg

Analytical components and qualities: crude protein: 12,0 %, free fat: 0,0 %, dietary fat: 0,1%, crude ashes:  0,43%, natrium: 0,206%, lysine: 1%,  methionine: 1%

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