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Myself, Kevin Moran I spent many years and hard earned cash, trying to find pigeons to take us to the top. Nothing gave the lift that we needed, occasional wins, but no progress year on year. I met Dirk in 2013 with my friend Mick Collins and purchased a round of youngsters from the stock loft. Dirk said to me, ‘Kevin, in two years you will be top prize winner with children from these, I laughed, but how true where his words. Not only in the strong Litherland HS, racing as Lloyd & Moran where the senior partner had never been top prizewinner in 40 years racing pigeons, but in the North Liverpool Fed, we were runner up then the two years following we were champions. Old bird Averages, Young bird Averages , bird of the year club & Fed, the pigeons couldn’t do any wrong. In 2014 Mick and myself got the last of Dirks Gene pool pigeons before he sold out to Flanders collection. A gift pigeon was the first child off the famous KITTEL, who was just a yearling then. Mick named her KITTEL PRINCESS, the super breeder as she turned out to be. Turning my hand to breeding, I sold 24 direct pigeons to P&D Racing and breeding Stud, including the Neuiwe Goede Roede ( red pied cock ) that I named him – the sensational breeder. Kleine Duiverke who I sold to Fenech Brothers, went on to breed national winners. Knowing the pigeons, I retained the winners and selected breeding sons & daughters from the directs, my stock team bred winners from the start and many, many fanciers have had great success with these children right up to today. With work and family commitments, its near impossible to continue with the rate of requests for young birds and the decision has been made to part with this once in a lifetime team of stock birds breeding winners at huge levels, year after year. I searched for a long time trying to find better pigeons but never dreamt of creating such a fantastic collaboration of breeders. Almost every couple in my stock team has bred at least a 1st fed winner. My strike rate for the number of pigeons that I’ve bred is probably amongst the best in Europe, a bold statement but remember, just 38 breeding pairs from a small back garden loft breeding winners at National Level. Reminiscent of Dirk van den Bulck himself in the early years for Patrick Broeck, Jos Cools, Staf Boeckmans and many others. John & Pat Webber – Sixbells , Wales Hello Kevin in all my years as a fancier which totals 48, I’ve had some really good pigeons but never have I had better pigeons than yours, they handle a treat look great with a gorgeous temperament and a real determination to home as fast as they can we have tested them this year in the welsh south road fed and National with some very tough racing which was not for the fainthearted. It’s not just the wins, they showed their character which is why we are so pleased with them. we have searched for years for good pigeons and spent the money to get the so-called best, these are THE BEST and it only took one yb season to come to that conclusion 2x 1st Welsh Nationals and RPRA bird of the year jumps out at me, pretty bloody good from such a small breeding loft brilliant m8 fair play to you, these do what it says on the tin atb john John & Bob Scott – Midlands ‘We got these pigeons to test against the De Meyers that we raced with success. From the first season racing them, they didn’t just win, they wiped the floor with the De Meyers. Excellent pigeons with super temperament.’ The last three years we’ve been top prize winners with these pigeons. Mark Jansenns – Lummen, Belgium Raced pigeons from me since 2017, some going to stock and breeding winners. His daughter Stef now races these pigeons with great success. I asked mark for a few words and he wrote ‘En jonge uit de 007/17 duiven vligt voorbije jaar bij mijn dochter 10x 10 als jonge duig’ – A youngser of 007/17 flew 10x in the top 10 as a youngster. Ted Davin & son – Liverpool I’ve raced pigeons for over 40 years, never in my time have I had a double fed winner until now. Not only topping the fed twice but in three weeks racing, was 1st , 1st, 2nd  in the NL Fed and had great positions in the NW Combine. In 2020 he bred a fed winner in his first nest when paired to a hen from Kevin. Class pigeons, top racers, great temperament and a pleasure to race. Many winners and breeding winners from these pigeons. Kevin McGlinchey - Liverpool Racing these pigeons, I’ve had top results. Racing only a handful of young birds and 8 widowhood cocks I achieved the following: Nom Cock ‘– As a young bird, 2nd club Frome. As a yearling: 2nd club, 36th Amal, 2nd club, 33rd Amal, 1st club, 4th Amal, 16th NW Combine 11’251 birds, 1st club, 2nd Amal, 2nd NW Combine 9471 birds -. As a 2-year-old: 1st club, 9th Amal. 2nd club 8th Amal, 27th NW combine 7230 birds. 4th club, 5th Amal, 7th NW combine 7658 birds, 1st club, 6th Amal, 9th NW combine 6672 birds. RPRA award winner Western Region in 2018 & 2019. Liverpool Amal inland points winner. – Now at Stock Red Kev’ As young bird: 4th club. As yearling,: 2nd club, 2nd Liverpool Amal 2498 birds. 1st club, 1st Liverpool Amal 2524 birds, 1st NW Combine 11’113 birds. RPRA Award winner 2020 “Cheq 79” – full brother to Nom Cock, 1st club, 1st Liverpool Amal 2498 birds. They are the best pigeons I have ever had. The results are of the scale. Other selected results ( sorry if I missed you off the list ): Flemming Brothers Ireland – 1st clubs, 2nd Section. Kennedy brothers Sunderland – Double section winner UNC Fulton & Lee  Liverpool– 1st clubs, 1st NL Fed. Chris & Charlie Mellor, Fleetwood – many 1st clubs, 1st fed inc.1st x4 in Fed. Mike Hitchin, Cheshire – 1st clubs, 1st Feds. Shaun McDonough, Midlands – Bought 1 pigeon in an auction winning 2nd P&D Gold ring and breeder of 4x 1st prize winners. Arthur Davidson, Newcastle. – Racing & breeding 1st clubs, 1st fed Peter Downey, Scotland – Many 1st club , 1st feds & breeding 1st fed winners. John Harris, Newcastle. – 1st club, 1st Feds inc double Fed winner. Ray Harris, Liverpool – Son of KITTEL PRINCESS breeding winners each year. John Nixon, Liverpool – has a Super breeder bred from my pigeons. M.C.R McNally, Midlands – Stockbirds from my pigeons breeding big winners. John Mitchinson formally silent partner of Alan Hindaugh, Sunderland. Many top prizewinners & breeders Many many more fanciers winning with these pigeons. 2021 alone, fed toppers, section winners, top prize winners, bird of the year etc  George Farley - Liverpool, Kevin Mcglinchy - Liverpool , Chris and Charlie mellor - fleetwood  Mike hutch - Cheshire , Teddy Davin - Liverpool, Mr&mrs muirhead & son - Liverpool  S gildea son & Williamson - Liverpool , JJ Campbell - Liverpool , Dave Gladwinfield - Liverpool  Danny Scotton - Liverpool, Gary Douglas - UNC Sunderland Danny Scotton won again today with 66, the young cock that won last week, full brother to  ‘Red Kev’ 1st NW combine 11,500 birds. Danny Scotton win with ‘66 He now calls it “Big Kevs Guarantee” it’s now had 3 x 1st club , 13th, 3rd and 1st north Liverpool  federation. Full brother to kevin Mcglinchy’s “Red Kev”. Danny gifted 2 youngens to J J Campbell  in Kirkby because John took a shine to them from the ones he bought this year, last week his  first pigeon was 5th club, this week the other one wins the club and tops the Liverpool Amal ( would you believe , it’s from box 8 - son of Blauwe vale as x dtr of the no 1 pair of Van looys,  the pair we all liked least of the breeders , just shows , it’s the blood mate and they come in all  shapes and sizes ) We first brought birds in off kevin in 2017, we had 10 and they won straight from the off we had  a great season winning 6 out of 8 races and 7 seconds plus other cards, out of the 10 birds 9 of  them prized including fed wins..Each year we have been back to kevin buying some to race and  certain birds for stock..He is a top bloke and always helped us when he can..I have handled  most  of his stock and they are real quality birds .. M&K HITCHIN  Winsford Cheshire Hi kev spoke to Jimmy and Ian  Fleming bros section B nipa your birds have won 4x 1st section  also young bird of year last year also won 3800 pounds with one bird plus many other good  card winners Teddy Davin