Excelsior Pigeon are delighted to win first place 2 bird average in the RPRA one loft final race from Alnwick 235 miles, This was our first competitive one loft race, we had entered 6 birds initially and at the final race we managed to have 3 birds left for the final race, 810 birds were released at Alnwick -235 miles 898 yds. at 7.00am into a WSW wind turning SW on route,

The race turned out to be very testing indeed with birds flying into a brisk headwind with only 113 birds making it back on the first day.

The winning pigeon recorded a velocity of 895.9 ypm, and there was big gaps in the times with birds arriving at the loft all afternoon…

Our first bird dropped in at 20th place, 16.06.26pm – 758ypm bird rung GB18V02185, this bird was bred from our successful Van Den Bulck collection, the parents to which will be displayed in our breeders section very soon, this pigeon also secured 14th ACE Pigeon.

The second pigeon to drop and win 34th place at 16.39.27 – 715ypm was bird rung GB18V33144, this bird was bred from our successful pairing of ‘National Black’ when paired to ‘Shadow Queen’, These being Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons, purchased from Mark Evans, Myrtle lofts, the hen being a granddaughter of Champion Shadow.

Day two saw more birds work back in, and our final bird dropped in to record 260th place, there was only 282 birds that managed to return within race time out of the 810 liberated.

We were very pleased to get all of our three birds back within race time and this provides us with great confidence in the birds we have acquired.