Please Check Out This Week's BHW & RACING PIGEON MAGAZINE 10/04/20 or Visit My FB Page.. Best Offer By 1700 On Thursday 16th April Gets Nest Pair. GRAB YOURSELF A BARGAIN WHILST SUPPORTING A GOOD CAUSE AS MY NEXT ROUND WILL BE SOLD REGARDLESS OF PRICE TO HELP THE PEOPLE BELOW. THE STORY After seeing local posts recently on my fb page with Family and friends in my home town really struggling in these unprecedented Surreal times, I have selected 15 Lots with all money raised going into a pot and divided into £30 pkts to help pay for food or pay utility bills for them who are struggling. It doesn't sound a lot but at least it will put food on the table for a week OR pay gas/;lecky. ITS THE LEAST I CAN DO( not sure how much am going to get paid in the foreseeable future so i know what there going through) BUT i don't have much overheads so am a wee bit better off than most of my Family. In the event i get more PM than money raised, money will be dived into £30 quotas, i will put all names in a hat and draw fairly ( CANNOT BE FAIRER THAN THAT) .. Stay Safe All But Especially FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Strain Of Pigeons DIRK VAN DEN BULCK . PATRICK BOECKX. LAMBRECHT. M&D EVANS VANDENBEELES . JOS COOLS MICK COLLINS ETC. Some of the parents are shown below: Many Thanks For Taking The Time To Read My Story & A Big Thank You To Les Carter / Excelsior Pigeons For Giving Me This Opportunity To Place This Announcement On Excelsior Pigeon. You All Take Care & Stay Safe During These Uncertain Times... Regards Alfie Patterson To view the parents , take a look at alfies facebook page