About Us


Our vision is to provide the pigeon sport with superior quality birds from our own breeding pairs and online auction sales from top racing competitors and other pigeon breeders.

The breeding pairs that are housed at Excelsior are either direct children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, or cousins, of birds that are already winning in the UK.

We will ourselves race these pigeons from the families you find in our current breeding pairs and over time the best of these birds will be either offered at auction or selected to go into the Excelsior stock loft where the following years young birds can then be ordered for your racing or stock needs.

Excelsior ~ of higher quality, superior, excellence:

Excelsior pigeon was founded in 2018, with the objective and determination by Les Carter and his business partner to breed, acquire, and auction high quality pigeons to pigeon enthusiast’s here in the UK and Europe.

  • Our mission and determination are to become an impeccable online trading service and shop.
  • Our intention is to be influential and distinguished amongst the pigeon sport.
  • Our aim is to build a reputation of excellence through the breeding and trading of the very best pigeons for you to win with.