Well here with have a few results for you all to enjoy, thank you to those that have sent me results to include within the BHW,

There will also be loft reports featuring alongside my result articles, keep a look out for West Midland Wings – Loft Reports by Sarah Carter, In my first report I had the pleasure of visiting the outstanding lofts of Wood Bros and Beddowes ,and writing about there double worcester fed winning hen, which will be available for all to read within the BHW or online under the blog section of www.excelsiorpigeon.com, don’t forget any loft report that I do will receive a photograph of their favourite bird.

But for now here are some results that’s been kindly sent,

Portway HS

13/4/19 Frome, 7 sent 116

Bob Ebbitt premier prize winner from last year starts the season in style taking 1st & 5th with his Janseen based roundabout hens.Only sending 11 pigeons he had 5 in the top 9 positions. His winning blue hen has already won 5 firsts including a fed win. Bernard Carter was 2, 3, 4, & 6th with his team of lambrecht based widowhood cocks.

Only sending 11 pigeons he had 5 in the top 9 positions. His winning blue hen has already won 5 firsts including a fed win. Bernard Carter was 2, 3, 4, & 6th with his team of lambrecht based widowhood cocks.

Portway HS

Yeovil 20/4/19, 8 sent 133

Bob Ebbitt takes 1, 3 & 4th with his team of Janseen based widowhood hens.

Bernard Carter takes 2nd with a lambrecht widowhood cock

Dave Shorthouse takes 5th & 6th with two widowhood cocks the first one a Blanchaert

And the second a Danny Van Dyke.

Bushbury Rail hs,

David James embraces his first race of the season being secretary of the club job well done with 14 members send 312 birds in the Wolverhampton federation flying from bath.

The club had received fantastic returns, A Bissell winning the race with a 3 year old hen bred by another club member Kevin Head, A Bissell who named his pigeon after his beloved nan Winnie, this pigeon as already got 6 firsts under her belt, not only winning the club but won the nom prize also, 2nd and 3rd was Mr and Mrs Farrar clocking in with his famous pigeon the rocket.

Walsall wood & district flying club 20/04/19,

11 members sent 195 birds in the Worcester fed flying from Yeovil,

Although this was a light north east wind most members had fantastic returns, S Mcdonough having a super race taking 1,2,3 & 4 all four on the club sheet being hens, and records a winning velocity of 1433.916 which was a good fed bird also taking 3rd Worcester fed from 3021 birds,

Duggan & Hughes took 5th and 6th placings.

Ken Wainwright kindly sent me results in for the;

Bushbury homing society,

There second race from Yeovil 20/04/19 11 members sent 186 birds

In the top spot was Wood Bros & Beddows, taking 1st place, 3rd and 4th. With his super chq pied hen ‘Racey’ I had the pleasure of naming this hen on a recent loft report, this hen was 1st federation the week before and also topped the fed again with a winning velocity of 1448.041, 3021 birds, a double fed winning hen in consecutive weeks is an outstanding achievement and congratulations to you both, more information on this pigeon and loft set up will appear very soon.

In 2nd place was Mr C M Smart, 5th Mr K.J.Wainwright and 6th place going to Mr Graham Owen,

Sally Wardle has also sent me some results for;

Romsley & district flying club

They were also at Yeovil with the Worcester fed, 6 members sending 61 birds

First place, along with 3rd and 4th place goes to Mr and Mrs Wardle winning with a yearling blue cock, on 1407.630, in second place & 5th prize Mr and Mrs P K Hill, with 6th place going to S Shilton & Daughter,

Redditch H.D.A.

On the 20/04/19 10 members sent 254 birds, liberated at 10.30 at Bath in a light south east wind,

Congratulations to Mr G Bond who took 1st and 4th place, the winning pigeon being a 3 year old blue bar cock 1442.632, in second place was Mr K Fisher, 3rd Mr and Mrs Wardle 5th place goes to Mr & Mrs C Armitage, and 6th place Mr G & J Jones & Adams.

Many thanks to all that have sent in there club results, for those that would like me to cover your club and get your members some much deserved recognition then please email them to me at sales@excelsiorpigeon.com or facebook direct message me at @excelsiorpigeon

For those that prefer text then message 07904793079.

Bye for now, Sarah.