Well here with have a few more results for you all to enjoy, thank you to those that have sent me results to include within the BHW,

Don’t forget guys, all the results and loft reports will also be available to read within the blog section of www.excelsiorpigeon.com, and don’t forget any loft reports that I do will receive a framed photograph of their favourite bird.

But for now here are some results that’s been kindly sent,

Portway HS – 04/05/19 – Purbeck – Worcester Fed – 9 member’s, sent 155 birds

Bob Ebbitt does it again taking1st and 2nd with 2 widowhood hens the 1st a 4 yr old galaxy loft pigeon that has won before and was bred by Brian Broughton, the 2nd is the Jansen hen that has already won 5 firsts.
Dave Shorthouse takes 3, 5, 6, 7,8th with his team of roundabouts the first a Blanchart/Gaby hen and the others coopman/van dyke pigeons.
4th goes to Bernard Carter with a 2yr old Lambrecht widowhood cock.

Walsall Wood & District FC.  – 04/05/19 – Purbeck – Worcester Fed – 12 member’s, sent 232 birds

Taking the red card was K Berry, with a two year old blue hen 1317.696 ,S Mcdonough having another good  race taking 2nd ,3rd  & 4th all three  being hens, Duggan & Hughes took 5th place, with D Aston taking 6th.

Walsall Wood & District FC.  – 11/05/19 – Portland – Worcester Fed – 12 member’s, sent 236 birds

Having a superb race and taking the first four positions was Duggan & Hughes with a velocity of 1376.038, The first bird was a 3 year old Alex Docx hen, this pigeon has won 5 times now for the partnership, there 2nd bird home was the eventual super club winner she has won around 12 X 1st prizes now, the 3rd bird was an Alex Docx x Lambrecht which has won 3 times before and there 4th bird was another Docx which has also won 3 x 1st prizes, I’m sure these will be high up in the fed , well done Steve and bob.

 5th S McDonough, and K Berry taking 6th.

Bushbury Homing Society, – 11/05/19 – Portland – Worcester Fed – 9 member’s, 

Bushbury hs ECC club Worcester fed, Mr and Mrs A Farrar wins with a son of the Rocket, this yearling cock is following his father’s footsteps the “Rocket” named by Mr and Mrs Farrar, this young cock now celebrates his second win within the last 2 weeks recording a velocity of 1364.535

In 2nd, 4th & 5th place Mr Graham Owen, 3rd Mr & Mrs T Smith, 6th Mr & Mrs A Farrar.

I had Steve Jeavons from chase social fc send me there results for the past few weeks, they hadn’t had their results published within the bhw for a number of years, so I’m happy to be of help Steve,

And for any other clubs who want their results published within my column please drop me a line,

The chase social fc fly in the Worcester fed,

Week one 13/4/19 10 members sent 158b ESE wind 1st+ 2nd S Jeavons 3rd JR Pinchers& Son 4th Dr Mruk

Week two 20/4/19 1st marsh&gallear 2nd P Hancocks & Son 3rd J Ward 4th marsh& gallear

Week three 28/4/19 1st marsh&gallear 2nd&3rd P Hancocks & son 4th S Jeavons

Week four 4/5/19 1st&4th S Jeavons 2nd P Hancocks & Son 3rd marsh& gallear

Week five. 11/5/19 1&2 marsh&gallear 3&4 S Jeavons

Broomhill Albion HS – 11/05/19 – Portland – Worcester Fed – 6 member’s, 

Alan poll kindly sending me some more results,

Having a fantastic race Taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Mr E Maybury & Son with a 3 year old blue cock on 1365.729, 4th place goes to Kyle Thomas.

Romsley & District FC – 11/05/19 – Portland – Worcester Fed – 72 birds

First place goes to Mr and Mrs Wardle with a two year old black cock with a velocity of 1343.103,

2nd, 3rd and 4th place goes to W Warburton & son

Worcester & District Federation Result – 04/05/19 – 216 members – 3013 birds – TOP 10!

1st – J Hawkes – Tipton Premier – 1329.341

2nd – C Beddall – Tividale HS – 1325.580

3rd – J Simkiss – Lea Hall HS – 1318.789

4th – K Berry – Walsall Wood DFC – 1317.696

5th – S Mcdonough – Walsall Wood DFC-1315.032

6th – S Mcdonough – Walsall Wood DFC- 1315.032

7th – S Mcdonough – Walsall Wood DFC-1314.913

8th – S Stokes & Sons – Blackheath DHS – 1313.883

9TH – J V Groom & Son – Tipton Premier – 1313.640

10th – E Maybury & Son – Broomhill Albion – 1313.349

Mark Evans was also kind enough to send in their results from the past month,

From the:

Claregate hs with the Gloucester fed 

Frome 20/4  3/36birds

John Banks 1/2/3/4


Yeovil 28/4  4/49 birds

M&B Evans 1328

J Banks 2/3/4


Honiton 4/5  5/82 birds

J Banks 1255

M&B Evans 1242

J Banks 1225

J Banks 1214 

Kingsdown 11/5   7/112 birds

J Banks 1442

M&B Evans 1338

M&B Evans 1330

K Taylor 1326

Pelsall 5 bird/midweek fc – 11/05/19 – Yeovil – 4 members sent 73 birds

Having a storming race and taking the first 6 prizes is S Mcdonough on 1435.368 winning with a yearling cock,

The Royal FC 20/04/19 – Bath – Tamworth Fed – 4 members – 36 pigeons

1st, 2nd & 4th S Hanna winning velocity of 1369.592 with a 5 year old pied cock, 3rd PJG Lofts.

The Royal FC 28/04/19 – Bath – Tamworth Fed – 5 members – 61 pigeons

1st C Ford on 1350.871 with a yearling blue hen, 2nd S Hanna, 3rd & 4th A Christie & son

The Royal FC – 04/05/19 – Frome – Tamworth Fed – 4 members – 62 pigeons

1st & 3rd S Hanna winning with a 4 year old blue hen with a velocity of 1290.963 2nd P Thomas, and 4th A Christie & son.

Sally Wardle also sent me some results for;

Redditch H.D.A.  11/05/19 – Purbeck – South Birmingham Fed – 12 members – 325 birds

Congratulations to Philip Hill who takes 1st and 5th place, the winning pigeon a yearling blue cock with a velocity of 1319.476, 2nd & 3rd place goes to Mr & Mrs R Wardle, 4th & 6th place goes to Mr & Mrs S Maddox, 

Hednesford Homing Society – 11/05/19 – Yeovil – Wolverhampton Fed – 16 member’s, sent 247 birds

Taking the first two places here was T Sarginson 1393.107 with two three year old chq hens, 3rd & 4th place was R Postings & Son, and 5th place went to G Jones and 6th place to B Farnell.

Bushbury Rail Homing Society, – 11/05/19 – Yeovil – Wolverhampton fed – 12 member’s, – 290 birds

Graham Owen takes 1st and 2nd with 2 yearling cocks, A Bissell takes 3rd with his special hen who never seems to disappoint and taking 4th wood brothers and Beddows who recently topped the Worcester federation 2 weeks in a row with his outstanding hen.

Many thanks to all that have sent in there club results, for those that would like me to cover your club and get your members some much deserved recognition then please email them to me at

sales@excelsiorpigeon.com or Facebook direct message me at @excelsiorpigeon

For those that prefer text then message 07904-793079.

Bye for now, Sarah.