Hello everyone, first of all thankyou to the many people who have rang, emailed and text compliments to me and my husband for the work we are doing in publicising the results and the loft report articles, there are some more loft reports being compiled and I will send these to the bhw when they are complete, remember without you guys sending in your results there wouldn’t be my column so keep sending them please and for anyone new that would like there results within my article then please send me them, a photo of the race sheet is all I need if you haven’t time to write up any further details, my details on how to send your club results are at the end of this report.

We start with Portway and thanks to Steve Walton who sends me there results,

Portway HS – 01/06/19 – Purbeck – Worcester Fed – 8 member’s, sent 107 birds.

1st ,5th & 6th Bernard Carter with roundabout hens his 1st and 5th are lambrechts and are previous winners, 6th is a yearling Vranken xVanmeert , in 2nd place Dave Shorthouse with a yearling hen from les Pinfields Di Caprio lines, 3rd and 4th Bob Ebbitt with his janseen based family of pigeons.

Walsall Wood & District FC. – 08/06/19 – Portland – Worcester Fed – 8 member’s, sent 150 birds.

In 1st & 3rd place S McDonough with a 2yr old blue w/f hen with a winning velocity of 1714.897 which is also confirmed as being 1st Super club, Shaun’s second pigeon is a 2 year old cheq hen, In 2nd place K Berry with a 2yr old blue cock, 4th place is D Aston with a yearling mealy cock, 5th is H Deavall with a yearling chq cock and taking 6th place Duggan & Hughes with a yearling Alex Docx chq cock out his no1. Pair, from Ant Arnold of Sutton Coldfield, this is this cocks 5th prize now and he also was a winner as a young bird.

The Super Club – 08/06/19 – Portland – Worcester Fed – 16 Members, sent 79 Birds.

Taking 1st place S McDonough with a 2yr old blue w/f hen with a winning velocity of 1714.897 and collecting just over £280 in prize and pool money, 2nd place Duggan & Hughes with their good 2yr old grizzle hen winning just over £160 in prize and pool money , 3rd and 4th to J Groome with a yearling and a 3yr old cock, who also collects just over £150, 5th prize to L Haddon & Son with a yearling grizzle cock that collects the remaining pools and 6th prize to S McDonough with a yearling blue wf hen that also wins the nom.

Bushbury Homing Society, – 01/06/19 –Purbeck – Worcester Fed – 10 members, sent 123 birds.

Taking the red card here and enjoying his first win of the season Mr Darren Burton with a 2 year old blue cock and recording a velocity of 1782.137 in 2nd place Wood Bros & Beddowes with their champion 3yr old chq pied hen ‘Racy’ that topped the fed twice back to back at the start of the season, 3rd, 4th & 6th place to Mr Graham Owen with three yearling cocks. 5th Mr & Mrs A Farrar with a yearling blue pied cock.

Steve Jeavons from Chase Social FC was kind enough to send me there club results;

The Chase Social FC Hednesford – 08/06/19 – Portland – Worcester Fed – 6 Members, sent 95 birds.

In 1st place S Jeavons with a blue hen a Daughter of Chanel chick I only raced as a young bird winning 11th Guernsey 1st Caranten ace bird of both races vel of both races just under 100ypm, Chanel chick won the gold ring teurlings back in 2010, the sire is a new breed I have brought in from Mark Evans, Myrtle lofts De Rauw Sablon being a son from inbred national and Sablons blue diamond these are hard day middle distance pigeons that still win in a fast race, 2nd GT Wallet (blue to his mates) with a blue cock, 3rd JR Pinchers & Son with a blue pied cock, 4th GT Wallet again with a blue cock, S Jeavons wins the nom with his first pigeon for £27-50.

Alan Poll kindly sent me some more results for Broomhill Albion.

Broomhill Albion HS – 08/06/19 – Portland – Worcester Fed – 5 members, sent 89 birds.

Having a fantastic season and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Mr E Maybury & Son, the first being a 2yr old chq pied Lambrecht hen on 1655.661, the partnerships second placed pigeon is a yearling De Mayer cheq hen, there 3rd pigeon to clock is there consistent Gert Heylen x Van Den Brande yearling blue hen, the 4th place goes to Mr D P Gallear & Son with a 3 yr. old chq, van den brande hen.

Sally Wardle kindly sent me some results through for Romsley DFC

Romsley & District FC – 08/06/19 – Portland – Worcester Fed

1st place goes to J Hill on 1642.427 with a yearling dark chq cock, 2nd place goes to C & D Sterland with a 2yr old blue cock, Mick Basterfield takes the 3rd place with a 3yr old blue wf hen, & 4th place goes to Mr and Mrs Wardle with a 2 year old blue cock.

Paul Postings kindly sent me there results for hednesford,

Hednesford Homing Society – 01/06/19 – Portland – Wolverhampton Fed – 10 member’s, sent 94 birds.

1st Place goes to T A Jones with a 2yr old mealy cock with a velocity of 1770.668, 2nd and 3rd T Sarginson with a yearling dark grizzle cock and 3yr old chq hen, 4th place to C Lawley & Sons with a two year old chq hen.

Hednesford Homing Society – 09/06/19 – Kingsdown – Wolverhampton Fed – 16 member’s, sent 188 birds.

1st & 2nd placings go to T Sarginson with a 2yr old dark grizzle cock with a velocity of 1748.629 and second pigeon was a 3yr old cheq hen 3rd & 5th place to D Hartshorne with a yearling cheq hen and 2yr old cheq hen, 4th place to B Farnell with a yearling cheq cock, and finally 6th place to Childs Bros with a yearling blue cock.

Burntwood Midweek FC – Bath (Walcott) – 05/06/19 – 4 Members.

1st & 2nd Place Mr & Mrs J Whitehouse & Son, the first bird home recording a velocity of 1887.878 is a 3yr old blue hen and the second bird being a yearling hen, 3rd Duggan & Hughes with a 2 yr. old blue hen, with 4th place awarded to R & G Jones & Batt.

Central Counties Midweek – Bath (Walcott) – 05/06/19 – 19 Members, sent 288 birds

1st, 2nd & 3rd to the inform lofts of Ken Berry, the first pigeon to clock is a 4yr old blue cock on 1889.612, followed by 2 two year old blue cocks, 4th , 5th & 6th place A Hill with a two year old, yearling and three year old, all hens.

Mark Evans sent me a brief email detailing there winner… thankyou Mark, im happy to receive a copy of your race sheet if that’s easier for you,

Claregate HS – 25/5/19 – Carentan

1st, 2nd & 3rd is awarded to Neville Bacon, 4th is Ken Sambrooks.

Claregate HS – 01/06/19 – Portland

1st & 2nd is M & B Evans, the winning pigeon is a yearling blue pied Brockamp hen originating from Gary Inkley, and the second pigeon is a four year old Camphuis x Geerts hen with 2nds and a 3rd already this season.

4th, 5th & 6th J Banks.

Shaun Hanna sent me some results for the following clubs,

Aston & District FC – 08/06/19 – Newton Abbot – Tamworth Fed – 8 members, sent 129 birds.

In 1st place J Pritchard with a yearling on 1793.68, in 2nd place is Adkins & Hadley with a 2yr old, 3rd place goes to Mr & Mrs Moore with a three year old, 4th place Maddix Bros with a 2yr old.

The Royal – 08/06/19 – Newton Abbot – Tamworth Fed- 6 members, sent 54 birds.

In 1st place is S Hanna with his good blue wf cock with a winning velocity of 1837.918, 2nd ,3rd & 4th places going to Christie Bros with a 3yr old blue cock, 2yr old chq hen and 5yr old dark hen, they also win the nom £50,

In the special yearling race that was held Christie Bros win 1st prize and win £150.00 with 2nd prize of £90.00 going to Wooley Bros.

Worcester & District Federation Result – 01/06/19 – Purbeck – 217 members – 2778 birds – TOP 10!

Congratulations Ken from all the members at Walsall Wood

1st – K Berry – Walsall Wood D F C – 1796.398

2nd – L Haddon – Blackheath D H S – 1790.839

3rd – C Gill & Waterhouse – Rowley Regis HS – 1789.574

4th – D Burton – Bushbury HS – 1782.137

5th – S McDonough – Walsall Wood D F – 1778.782

6th – B & D Ricketts – Worcester DFC – 1778.336

7th – J McGee – Princess End RPC – 1774.692

8th – Wood Bros & Beddowes – Bushbury HS – 1774.228

9th – G Owen – Bushbury HS – 1773.338

10th – G Owen – Bushbury HS – 1772.904

Well that’s the lot for now and all up to date, don’t forget guys, all the results and loft reports will also be available to read within the blog section of www.excelsiorpigeon.com, and don’t forget any loft reports that I do will receive a framed photograph of their favourite bird.

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