West Midland Wings - Results 22/06/19

West Midland Wings - Results 22/06/19

WEST MIDLAND WINGS – RESULTS 22/06/19 – by Sarah Carter

Hello everyone, once again thankyou to the many people who have rang, emailed and text compliments to me and my husband for the work we are doing in publicising the results, we do have a few loft report articles coming up, but some are still a little shy in coming forward, so remember without you guys sending in your results there wouldn’t be my column so keep sending them please and for anyone new that would like there results within my article then please send me them, a photo of the race sheet is all I need if you haven’t time to write up any further details, but the more you send, the better the report, you can send photos of the winners and details of the pigeon if you wish just like a few have done this week, my details on how to send your club results are at the end of this report.

We start with Portway and thanks to Steve Walton who sends me there results,

Portway HS – 15/06/19 – Fougeres – Worcester Fed - 7 members, sent 45 birds

1st,4th & 5th Bob Ebbitt with his Janseen based roundabout team, his first a 3 yr. old cock, the 4th place goes to a 5yr old hen and 5th a 4 yr. old hen.

2nd & 3rd Bernard Carter with 2 of his roundabout team his first a 5 yr. old lambrecht cock and taking 3rd a 3 yr. old cock ,one of his old family.

6th to Dave Shorthouse with 2 yr. old Danny Van Dyke roundabout cock.

Portway HS – 15/06/19 – Frome – Worcester Fed - 6 members, sent 117 birds

1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Bernard Carter with his in-form team of roundabouts, His first also wins the federation and is a 3 yr. old lambrecht cock that has won before, Taking 3rd is yearling hen being a daughter out of the above fed winner.

4th place being a 2yr old lambrecht cock, 5th place a 2 yr. old hen & 6th place a 2 yr. old cock both Theo Yskout x Vanstra pigeons.

2nd Ray Perrott with a 2yr old widowhood cock out of his trusted channel family.

Walsall Wood & District FC. – 22/06/19 –Purbeck – Worcester Fed – 9 member’s, sent 178 birds.

Taking the top spot here and his first win of the season my good friend Harry Deavall, with his consistent ‘48’

A yearling blue chq Gebr Heeres cock, carrying lines of Blauwe as, both the parents were bred by Brian & Karen Hawes with a winning velocity of 1685.161, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th S Mcdonough with 3 yearling hens.

My good friend David James was also kind enough to send me details through of Bushbury & Castle, these are brief – ha-ha thanks Dave.

I suppose it’s better than nothing,

Bushbury Homing Society, - 22/06/19 –Purbeck – Worcester Fed – 11 members, sent 125 birds.

Having a great season and Taking 1,2,3,4 here is Mr & Mrs A Farrar, with a winning velocity of 1694.666 all positons filled were with cock birds the winner is a yearling blue cock , bred by Ian Wooton this bird his called Mr consistence,

The second pigeon is a 2yr old blue pied Demayer cock, third to arrive is a yearling cheq Herman Ceuster cock bred by Stephen profit and the finally the fourth pigeon is a yearling blue pied demayer cock bred from the rocket this young cock has 3 x 1sts to his credit this season.

Bushbury Rail HS – 22/06/19 –Portland – Wolverhampton Fed - 7 member’s, sent 113 birds.

A Bissell takes the 1st prize with a yearling hen, 2nd S Potts with a 3 year old cock, 3rd and 4th Mr & Mrs Farrar.

Wednesfield Homing Society - 22/06/19 – Exeter - Gloucester Fed - 5 members, sent 35 birds

Taking 1st prize here is Mr Nigel Webb velocity 1582, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Barry cox

Steve Jeavons from Chase Social FC was kind enough to send me there club results;

The Chase Social FC Hednesford - 22/06/19 – Purbeck - Worcester Fed – 12 members, sent 215 birds

In 1st place Marsh & Gallear with a 2yr old cheq hen, 2nd & 3rd W T Bate with two blue yearling hens and 4th J Ward with a 4 year old cheq hen Marsh & Gallear wins the nom £40 also congratulations to Dr Murk on getting 2nd sec 5th open in the MCC from Messac 22/6/19.

Aid Dobson sent me results for lea hall, and tells me Jim simkiss has had a great season and he’s very hard to beat in lea hall,

Lea Hall Homing Society - 22/06/19 – Purbeck - Worcester Fed - 12 members, sent 156 birds

Taking 1,2,3,4 the ‘hard to beat’ J Simkiss with a winning velocity of 1679.278, and all of his pigeons being yearling hens.

Alan Poll kindly sent me some more results for Broomhill Albion.

Broomhill Albion HS – 22/06/19 - Purbeck – Worcester Fed - 8 members, sent 120 birds.

Continuing there excellent season and Taking 1st ,2nd ,3rd & 4th prize is Mr E Maybury & Son, with a velocity of 1692.026 ,The first pigeon is a yearling chq pied Lambrecht x Demayer hen, the second pigeon another yearling chq demayer hen and the third being a 2yr old blue wf Lambrecht x Demayer hen,

Dave Boulton kindly sent me some details for Kidderminster,

Kidderminster St Johns R P C – 22/06/19 – Purbeck – Worcester Fed - 7 members, sent 108 birds.

Taking 1st place once again, and continuing a great season for the partnership is Tom Sheppard & Norman Crump, I spoke with Tom just yesterday, as the partnership features in one of my loft articles coming up very soon, I didn’t realise you had won Saturday aswell Tom, well done mate, Tom told me that the committee and members there work very hard and are a great bunch, that’s lovely to hear and just how it should be, the social side of the sport is as important as the competition, keep up the good work guys,

Anyway back to the result… 1st place Sheppard & Crump with the really good 4 year old black Lambrecht cock, with a winning velocity of 1625.244, 2nd & 3rd M&D Boulton & sons with a 3 year old black cock, this pigeon previously scored 8th fed from Carentan earlier this year he was bred by Cooper Bros, and has had lots of prize cards over the years, and a 4yr old blue cock they call the ‘Lucky Cock’ because as a young bird he got home with only 3 wing flights in his one wing and last year as a yearling he was out for over a week from the first race and came back with big scabs on him from a second hawk attack, but this year he has been the first bird most weeks and was 9th seven valley fed from Frome J Scott and Son's gave me him as a young bird.

, 4th place goes to Cooper Bros with a two year old blue hen.

Dave Boulton would like to also pass on his thanks to Tom for all the advice you have given him, and also pass on thanks to Steve Gore for all the help and support over the years.

Sally Wardle kindly sent me some results through for Romsley DFC

Romsley & District FC – 22/06/19 – Purbeck – Worcester Fed – 5 members, sent 60 birds

1st, 2nd & 3rd place goes to Mick Basterfield on 1653.841 with a 2yr old blue wf cock, a yearling blue pied cock, and finally a 3yr old chq cock, 4th place goes to Mr & Mrs P K Hill with a 3yr old chq hen...

Pelsall 5 Bird/Midweek FC. – 22/06/19 – Portland –Wolverhampton Fed - 5 member’s, sent 87 birds.

1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th place S McDonough winning with a yearling chq wf cock on 1675.900, next is a yearling blue cock, followed by two 2yr old blue cocks.

Paul Postings kindly sent me there results for hednesford,

Hednesford Homing Society – 22/06/19 – Portland – Wolverhampton Fed – 13 member’s, sent 149 birds.

1st & 2nd Place goes to T Sarginson, with a velocity of 1658.096, the first being a 2yr old blue pied cock, and a 3yr old chq hen,3rd b Farnell with a yearling chq cock, 4th R Dangerfield & son with a yearling chq pied hen.

Mark Evans sent me an email detailing there winners... thankyou Mark,

Claregate HS - 15/06/19 – Fougeres

Taking 1st place Neville Bacon with a red chequer cock that also won the Carentan race two weeks before the dam was bred down from their old Wildemeersch cock lines x a yellow Kirkpatrick, in 2nd place ken sambrooks, 3rd Alan Bacon with a chequer cock from the kannibaal x tips lines.

Claregate HS - 22/06/19 – Exeter

Having a fantastic race M & B Evans 1,2,3,4 all being hens, The first one a blue pied Brockamp hen that has won 3x1st from the last three land races bred from birds from Gary inkley, The second hen is a chequer Camphuis x Geerts and wins its third second of the season, The third is a chequer camphuis, taking its first prize of the season, and finally 4th is a chequer Brockamp x syndicate lofts hen the sire was bred by Ron (the rocket ) pooler of Bilston and the dam a self-bred Brockamp hen.

Shaun Hanna sent me some results for the following clubs,

The Royal – 15/06/19 – Honiton – Tamworth Fed- 4 members, sent 38 birds.

In 1st, 3rd and 4th place is A Christie with a 3yr old blue cock with a winning velocity of 1778.395, a yearling chq pied cock and yearling blue hen, A Christie also taking the nom, 2nd place S Hanna with a 3yr old blue wf cock.

The Royal – 15/06/19 – Fourgeres – Tamworth Fed- 4 members, sent 16 birds.

In 1st place is S Hanna with his good grizzle hen, this 5yr old pigeon has done very well for Shaun over the years this is now this hens 7 x 1st along with numerous fed cards, the mother relates to a gifted bird from les carter (excelsior pigeon) 2nd P Thomas with a 2yr old hen, 3rd and 4th place is A Christie with a yearling cock and 4yr old hen. S Hanna wins the nom.

The Royal – 22/06/19 – Kingsdown – Tamworth Fed- 3 members, sent 29 birds.

In 1st place is A Christie & Sons with their 3yr old blue cock with a velocity of 1551.480,

S Hanna, takes 2nd, 3rd & 4th the first pigeon being the good grizzle hen, followed by a 3yr old blue cock and 5yr old blue wf cock. A Christie wins the nom.

Shaun informs me that:

Last week when A Christie won they also topped the Tamworth fed, and across the channel at Fougeres Shaun was 6th fed, this week Christies won with same bird as last week winning its 7th first prize.

There you have it guys, a small club the royal maybe yes. But to top the fed, you can only beat what you fly against, well done A Christie on topping the Tamworth fed.

Worcester & District Federation Result – 22/06/19 – Purbeck – 193 members – 2460 birds – TOP 10!

Congratulations I Sharp flying at St Georges on winning 1st fed.

1st – I Sharp – St Georges – 1702.523

2nd – Mr & Mrs A Farrar – Bushbury HS – 1694.666

3rd – E Maybury & Son – Broomhill Albion – 1692.026

4th – E Maybury & Son – Broomhill Albion – 1689.735

5th – R Gurney – Worcester DFC – 1689.601

6th – N A Smith – Wednesbury HS – 1687.475

7th - B & S Millward – Kings Head 4 Bird – 1686.789

8th – Mr & Mrs A Farrar – Bushbury HS – 1685.768

9th – J V Groom & Son – Tipton Premier – 1685.629

10th – Mr & Mrs A Farrar – Bushbury HS – 1685.572

Wolverhampton Federation Result – 22/06/19 – Portland – 2110 birds – TOP 10!

1 Mr Keith Taylor 1688.8189 COMPTON IFC

2 A Bissell 1687.9950 BUSHBURY RAIL H.S.

3 Pickett & Garratt 1687.4159 TWO GATES DHS

4 A & L Painter 1685.9095 WILLENHALL LIBERAL HS

5 Mr P Lockley & Sons 1684.7259 PENKRIDGE R.P.C.

6 Pickett & Garratt 1682.7489 TWO GATES DHS

7 Askey & Reynolds 1680.6317 WILLENHALL LIBERAL HS

8 A & L Painter 1678.1647 WILLENHALL LIBERAL HS

9 Mr G R Homer 1676.2790 WOLLASTON F.C.

10 T Till & Son 1676.2315 PENKRIDGE R.P.C.

that’s all the results for now and we are all up to date, don’t forget guys, all the results and loft reports will also be available to read within the blog section of the new upgraded website at archive.excelsiorpigeon.com, and don’t forget any loft reports that I do will receive a framed photograph of their favourite bird.