WEST MIDLAND WINGS – RESULTS 29/06/19 – by Sarah Carter

Hello everyone, hope you’ve been enjoying the sun and warmth … it’s a nice change to the rain we seemed to have around for weeks , it’s also a great opportunity to start getting some training in with the ybs, I wish you all the very best of luck with them as there only babies still and have to endure a lot in such a short space of time to get them ready for the upcoming young bird races, if it’s not the hawks attacking them it’s the pylons and wires that they so often get to close to, aswell as hitting other young birds that may going the opposite way, so keep smiling and think positive with them, any way to the results.

We start with Portway and thanks to Steve Walton who sends me there results,

Portway HS –22/06/19 – Purbeck – Worcester Fed – 8 members, sent 111 birds

Bob Ebbitt continues his winning ways taking 1st, 2nd & 3rd with his Galaxy lofts Brian Broughton janseen based roundabout 3 yr. old cocks. The first one ‘666’ is a multiple first prize winner and won the club Fougeres race 2 weeks ago.’

Bernard Carter times in 3 of his lambrecht based roundabout cocks to take 4th, 6th & 7th club.

Dave Shorthouse takes 5th with a yearling red cheq koopman roundabout cock.

Walsall Wood & District FC. – 29/06/19 –Portland – Worcester Fed – 7 member’s, sent 111 birds.

Taking the top spot here is S Mcdonough with a two year old blue slate hen and a winning velocity of 1529.702, closely followed by Duggan & Hughes with a yearling chq hen, 3rd,K Berry with a yearling blue hen, & 4th S Mcdonough with a yearling blue wf hen.

Bushbury Homing Society, – 29/06/19 –Portland – Worcester Fed – 6 members, sent 101 birds.

In 1st place here Mr G M Smart with a yearling blue hen with a winning velocity of 1647.994 and must of really got away from the main bunch being more than 10 minutes in front of the 2nd placed pigeon belonging to Mr K Wierzchowiak with a yearling black hen, 3rd place goes to my good friends the two rogers, Wood Bros & Beddowes with a yearling grizzle hen, 4th place Mr & Mrs A Farrar with a 3yr old blue pied cock.

Steve Jeavons from Chase Social FC was kind enough to send me there club results;

The Chase Social FC Hednesford – 29/06/19 – Portland – Worcester Fed – 15 members, sent 228 birds

In 1st place Dr Mruk with a yearling, and winning velocity of 1569.291, 2nd D Hartsorne with a 2yr old, 3rd Marsh & Gallear with a yearling, 4th mark smith all with hens Marsh & Gallear takes the nom prize of £50 with his 6th placed pigeon also a hen the first cock takes 5th and that is from Mark Smith.

Aid Dobson sent me results for lea hall,

Lea Hall Homing Society – 29/06/19 – Portland – Worcester Fed – 9 members, sent 114 birds

Taking 1st place here is J Barry, with a 3yr old chq cock with a winning velocity of 1621.317, 2nd & 3rd J Semis with two yearling hens, in 4th place B Williams with a 4yr old hen.

Lea Hall B.D.H – 29/06/19 – Portland – Worcester Fed – 4 members, sent 90 birds

1st , 2nd & 3rd J.L. & K.Madgin with a winning velocity of 1524.395, the first being a yearling dark cock, followed by two 2yr old blue cocks,4th D Nesbitt & Sons with a yearling blue cock.

Alan Poll kindly sent me some more results for Broomhill Albion.

Broomhill Albion HS – 29/06/19 – Purbeck – Worcester Fed – 8 members, sent 133 birds.

Taking 1st place is Mr K Thomas with a 2yr old blue hen ‘wedgo waffler’ a private joke I presume here lads… lol , Kyle said he’s not sure on the breeding so because he comes from wedges mill area in Cannock he’s made his own breed up, the winning velocity on this pigeon for Kyle is 1565.587, ,2nd Mr & Mrs A Brown with a 4yr old chq hen breeding of Brian Lawley x Jack Walker ‘Dutch Master’,,3rd & 4th prize is Mr D P Gallear & Son with a 2yr old chq Demayer x Gert Heylen cock, and a yearling Van Den Brande x Demeyer blue hen.

Dave Boulton kindly sent me some details for Kidderminster,

Kidderminster St Johns R P C – 29/06/19 – Portland – Worcester Fed – 7 members, sent 95 birds.

Taking 1st place once again, well clear this one and continuing a great season for the partnership is Tom Sheppard & Norman Crump with a 4yr old blue cock with a winning velocity of 1638.607, 2nd position goes to Cooper Bros, with a 2yr old blue cock, 3rd place Sheppard & Crump with a 3yr old blue cock, and finally 4th place goes to Matthews & Harris with a 2yr old cwf hen.

Sally Wardle kindly sent me some results through for Romsley DFC

Romsley & District FC – 29/06/19 – Portland – Worcester Fed – 7 members, sent 94 birds

1st & 4th Place goes to Mr & Mrs P K Hill with their consistent 3yr old chq hen with a winning velocity of 1528.039 and another 3yr old pied hen, 2nd & 3rd place goes to S Shilton & Daughter with two mealy cocks, the first being a yearling and the second a 2yr old.

Pelsall 5 Bird/Midweek FC. – 29/06/19 – Kingsdown –Wolverhampton Fed – 4 member’s, sent 99 birds.

1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th place S McDonough winning with a yearling chq cock on 1514.193, next is a yearling red cock, followed by a 2yr old blue cock and a yearling blue cock.

Paul Postings kindly sent me there results for Hednesford,

Hednesford Homing Society – 29/06/19 – Kingsdown – Wolverhampton Fed – 10 member’s, sent 116 birds.

1st Place goes to T Sarginson, with a velocity of 1529.060, with a 3yr old chq hen, 2nd place goes to A Richards & Son with a 3yr old dark grizzle hen, 3rd place is the partnership of C Lawley & Sons with a 5yr old chq hen, and 4th place goes to R Dangerfield & Son with a yearling chq hen.

Shaun Hanna sent me some results for the following clubs,

The Aston FC – 29/06/19 – Frome – Tamworth Fed

Taking 1st Mr and Mrs j Moore with a velocity of 1602 with a 4 year old mealie cock out of Keith Browns birds, this pigeon also winning the fed, in 2nd place Maddix Bros vel 1475, 3rd place J Prichard vel 1464 & 4th Maddix Bros vel 1463.

The Royal – 29/06/19 – Frome – Tamworth Fed- 4 members, sent 41 birds.

In 1st place is A Christie & Sons with a 2yr old chq hen with a velocity of 1560.135,

S Hanna, takes 2nd, 3rd & 4th the first pigeon being a yearling chq cock, followed by a 4yr old blue hen and 2yr old blue hen. A Christie wins the nom.

Shaun informs me that A Christie’s winning pigeon is also 2nd Tamworth fed, and Shaun’s club birds also score 4th, 14th and 17th Tamworth fed. The 2nd club, 4th fed pigeon was bred out of Keith Browns Pigeons. The strain being E Ceulemans.

Mark Evans sent me an email detailing there winners… thankyou Mark,

Claregate HS – 29/06/19 – Portland – Worcester Fed

Taking the first 3 prizes, M&B Evans

In first place is a 3yr old blue camphuis x lambrecht cock, in 2nd place is a yearling dark donker Leo cock that was second a couple of weeks ago bred by Tamworth fed president Paul Hitchens

And In third spot a four year old chequer hen that’s won 3x2nds and 2x3rds this season her sire won 5x1st and the dam won 11x2nds

In fourth place is Neville Bacon with the same red cock that won the Carentan and Fourgeres races.

Worcester & District Federation Result – 29/06/19 – Portland – 176 members – 2294 birds – TOP 10!

Congratulations A Mckinnell flying at Shifnal FC on winning 1st fed.

1st – A Mckinnel – Shifnal FC – 1653.750

2nd – G Smart – Bushbury HS – 1647.994

3rd – Sheppard & Crump – Kidderminster ST – 1638.607

4th – M & B Evans – Claregate – 1623.348

5th – J Barry – Lea Hall HS – 1621.317

6th – Mr & Mrs Palfrey – Shifnal FC – 1609.487

7th – T Wilson & Jnr – Tipton Premier – 1604.916

8th – N Broadhurst – St Georges – 1603.047

9th – A Paddock & Son – Kings Head 4 Bird – 1584.255

10th – A Mckinnel – Shifnal FC – 1577.909

S McDonough 3rd section 3rd open MNFC from Nort-sue-Erdre

We would like to congratulate one of our fellow club mates, S McDonough on being 3rd section 3rd open MNFC the race was from Nort-sue-Erdre 29/06/19 and 347 members sent 2899 birds, Shaun tells me she is a 2yr old blue hen, and a previous winner of 2nd, 3rd and 4th, this hen has also been 3rd club, 3rd fed beat by loft mates on many times. This fantastic pigeon has also been 7th section 80th open MNFC from Carentan as a yearling when 328 members sent 5481 birds, that day Shaun had a great race taking 3, 4, 5 & 7 section from 645 birds.

Her dam is from his own family of pigeons so she is related to pigeons which have previously won 1st & 2nd open MNFC x a Van Den Bulck cock who won 5x1st’s including 1st fed.

Well done Shaun!

But before I sign off, back in early April Jay Phillips contacted my husband and asked Excelsior Pigeon if we could donate a young bird for the charity sale that was held ‘In the loft pigeon sales’ on Facebook , we managed to put 2 birds in , and what a lovely thing to do for all concerned.. The fundraiser was for a poorly little girl called Audrina who is 4 years old and was diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma (a rare childhood cancer) in July 2018,

Since then she has spent her birthday in hospital has endured 4 surgical procedures, 5 rounds of chemotherapy and a stem cell harvest., well Jay and the team managed to contact many top breeders and flyers for donations across the UK and as always the pigeon people came together to try and help this little girl, thanks also to T & A Transport, I believe they shipped the highest winning bird free of charge, aswell of offering a discount for anyone using their services,

The monies, made from the sale would help towards her treatment that she needs in America, and at the close of the auction the sale had raised £1810, well done to all the donations, buyers and sellers and to Jay and the people behind the scenes in making this happen.

Well that’s it for now, good luck with your racing this weekend lads.

Don’t forget guys, all the results and loft reports will also be available to read within the blog section of the new upgraded website at www.excelsiorpigeon.com, and don’t forget any loft reports that I do will receive a framed photograph of their favourite bird.

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