WEST MIDLANDS WINGS SPECIAL RPRA ONE LOFT RACE HOTPSOT 1 & 2 Hi everyone, I hope your all keeping well its certainly been a very testing year for most people with this dreaded Covid virus that weve all unfortunately experienced in some way or another, I certainly hope we have seen the worst of this terrible pandemic that has affected many lives on a global scale, Young bird losses seem to have been very bad this year for many fanciers, and it seems that things can hopefully only get better… It’s not all doom and gloom… so I would like to start off some celebrations and good news,  I have compiled the results for hotspot 1 and 2 of the RPRA One loft race 2020, HOTSPOT 1 August 3rd, 2020 Hot Spot 1 took place today from Ashbourne (70m 613yds). Jeremy released 946 birds at 8.40am into a fresh WNW wind.

The Pigeons waiting for release

The first birds arrived back at just after 10.00am, and well over 300 were back by 10.30am. The top 10 result is as follows: 1 All around the Globe 2 Just the One 3 Teesside Bombers 1 4 David Halbert 5 South Side Brummies 6 Chateaux lofts 7 The Mac's 8 Allan Wadsworth 9 Pop Eye 10 Ward & Cullen M&M Lofts The Winner - All Around The Globe Hi, We are the partnership of Gary Warner and Leslie Madden and have enjoyed competing in the R.P.R.A One Loft Race over many years. Gary Warner holding the Sire of Hot Spot 1 Winner. The Dam being a previous R.P.R.A yearling final entrant racing under Madden & Warner. We would like to thank Jeremy Davies and the One Loft Team for the work that they have put in. We also would like to wish everyone else the best of luck in the next Hot Spots and Final Race. Yours in Sport Gary Warner In 2nd place - Just The One Here is a little right up about one loft racing I have been sending to one loft races since 2004, I first sent 3 birds to the Europa classic and finished just out of the prize money I entered 3 again in 2005 and won it. I sent 3 in 2006 and finished in the top 50 so to me one loft racing has been good.

Jeff Davies and his family

You do need a lot of luck with all the hazards and the loft manger keeping them healthy Jeremy Davies the loft manager of the old is doing a great job, I have been sending to the rpra one loft race for the last 6 years me and Mike and John Hughes sending one bird each but as mike didn't like to pair up early I would breed the two birds and every year we sent we have had a bird in the final race so Jeremy Davies is doing a great job.

Sire of Jeff’s prize-winner

Dam of Jeff’s prize-winner

this year has started great with been second in the first hot spot race and what is really funny Mike and John Hughes decided not to send this year so I only sent one, the sire has bred multiple 1st prize winners in club and welsh south east N.A.T section the hen is first time to breed of her as I only just bought her off Steve foster they are lambrechts so I am well please just hope my luck stays with me. Jeff In 3rd place - Teesside Bombers  The sire of this pigeon is a Blue wf, a federation winner himself on the road, he has bred many good birds, the father of this cock is a direct son from Gert Heylen’s Jackpot 04’ what bred ‘Blue Gert’ the start of the ‘Kittel’ line of Van Den Bulck The Dam is a late bred Blue hen bred in the purple, bred from champion ‘Stevie Wonder’ 7 x 1st club, 3 x 1st Feds and another 20 fed cards, champion bird of the year as a yearling, North York’s, 3000 competing Champion bird of the year as a two year old Teesside Federation 3000 again was bred from the best of Steve Fosters Lambrechts’ Stevie was paired to champion hen ‘Lilliam’ 3 x 1st Feds 3 x 1st sections 1st UNC 24000b She was a direct Daughter off the ‘Avon hen’, bred by Gert Heylen responsible for 100’s of fed winners and bred from Gert’s champion ‘Mirage’ Billy Calvert.

Billy Calvert 

Hot Spot 1 Schools Result
Name Ring No. Race Pos School Pos  School Prize
Gypsy Quay 2 GB20L01896 96 1  £100.00
Orchard Vale School GB20B57919 277 2  £50.00
Peel Hall Primary GB20H13252 290 3  £30.00
Bright Spark GB20Z49506 409 4  £20.00
Peel Hall Primary GB20B34520 460 5
Hanging Heaton School GB20R04378 462 6
Frizy Flier GB20F20924 488 7
Diggle School GB20Z59389 516 8
St Andrews School Maghull GB20P25873 528 9
Buzzbee GB20Z49505 700 10
Total  £200.00
Between Hotspot 1 and 2 Jeremy was greeted with extreme weather which delayed training, and the date of the planned Hotspot 2, There were training problems: ‘The training went ok today but soon after the liberation a falcon got around them and split them into a couple of groups but they worked in.’  Then the weather was erratic... either low lying mist, extreme heat, followed by strong winds and heavy rain… You certainly have been tested this year Jeremy with the weather and raptors. This led to Hotspot 2 being delayed but as always Jeremy always puts the welfare of the pigeons first, 23rd August was decided for the next race, HOTSPOT 2 Ashbourne hotspot 2    Sunday 23rd August: Ashbourne – 70 miles, 613 yards Jeremy liberated the 799 birds at 10.25am, and they cleared very well. The first bird arrived back at 12.06pm, and over 500 were back by 1.00pm. The top 10 result is below. 1 Foster Sons & Daughter 2 Costa Del Lofts 3 North Man 4 The Flying Jacks 5 J J &M 6 Santos Wings 7 Chapelford Lofts 8 Olivers Army 9 Ronnie Wright 10 9 Toes Titmus The Winner - Foster Sons & Dtr Our bird that was 1st in the Hotspot 2 race is a full brother to our pigeon that was 9th position in the final race from Alnwick last year! Bred from a direct son of Foxy Lady from Peter Fox and a Vandenabeele hen we bred in 2014. This hen was only lightly raced in the club and classics, with some good results.

Foster, Sons and Daughter

We haven’t raced directly we for the last few years due to problems with the birds of prey but enjoy the One loft Races. We have entered the RPRA One loft race for the last 3 years and are impressed with the way Jeremy runs this one. With the regular training and care of the pigeons and keeping us informed of all that’s going on, with his updates and videos. So, Thanks to Jeremy and everyone else at the RPRA One loft! Foster, Sons and Daughter. Second place - Costa Del Lofts Some details of the pigeon and our syndicate (Costa del lofts). We started going in the RPRA one loft in 2017 we bred the ace pigeon. Since then we have entered our own small team. We have had some more success in the hotspot races each year. Our syndicate is basically the Silvester family. Me my Mrs, 2 boys and my parents which aren’t pigeon fanciers but enjoy following the updates off Jeremy and Benzing live. The birds which we have done well with are from Peter fox (syndicate lofts). We first went to Peter in 2015 and his birds have won for us from the start. Each year we add to these from Peters Doncaster auctions. The parents of our 2nd hotspot pigeon we bought from Doncaster last year. They was my 40th birthday present off my wife. The father is from Peters Portugal pair (same way as peters ace pigeon winner in the Algarve race) and the mother is from his top breeder Max x Ninty. I have enclosed a picture of our syndicate.

Phil Silvester and Costa Del lofts

3rd place - North Man My 3rd in the recent RPRA Hotspot is bred from a cock we call “Oban Express” and its dam is “ Miss Magic” Oban Express raced as a yearling, I don’t race young birds, scoring 1st & 2nd club, he had 2 more races but came back from his 4th with his wing badly damaged by peregrines. Given my location, flying into Oban but with Glasgow Federation. This means the last 40 or so miles over 1000 metre mountains they do on their own, I felt he had proved himself as worthy of a box in the stock loft. He has the best of Steve Fosters C & C Lambrechts, Ogilvie Lofts Tam Blair’s and GWP Macaloney in his pedigree. Miss Magic is a direct GWP Macaloney hen from their fantastic Mr. Magic and is proving to be a great addition breeding pigeons to score for me and also in Lanarkshire federation for my good friend George Baird. The Grand dam of Oban Express is also the Dam of George’s Lanarkshire Open winner last year, she is a dtr of Steve’s Mighty White and one of my best breeding hens. It’s great to see my bird’s right up there with the best but the final races in these one lofts can be a different thing all together so we will be keeping our fingers crossed in the coming weeks. Jeremy does a fantastic job looking after and racing our hopefuls and, yet again, I have thoroughly enjoyed participating. Kind regards Al.
Schools Result HS2
Name Ring No. Race Pos School Pos  Prize
Peel Hall Primary GB20B34520 30 1  £100.00
Hanging Heaton School GB20R04378 42 2  £50.00
Frizy Flier GB20F20924 63 3  £30.00
St Andrews School Maghull GB20P25873 366 4  £20.00
Buzzbee GB20Z49505 387 5
Peel Hall Primary GB20H13252 480 6
Gypsy Quay 2 GB20L01896 574 7
Orchard Vale School GB20B57919 619 8
B.A.P.S Birdie GB20H26068 625 9
Peel Hall Primary GB20X35211 662 10
Diggle School GB20Z59389 684 11
Total  £200.00
OLR Ace Pigeon 2020 after Hot Spot 2 1 The Flying Jacks WHU2020B38103 11350 1309.00 2 A & B Holmwood GB20H23758 11430 1299.90 3 Newt 80 WHU2020B23363 11472 1295.12 4 Pigeon World Forum GB20D06793 11523 1289.43 5 Ronnie Wright GB20V33502 11585 1282.45 6 Carl Ford Fordy's Loft GB20S28217 11601 1280.68 7 Supermac Leeds GB20Z28306 11633 1277.17 8 Ronnie Wright GB20V33503 11709 1268.96 9 Costa Del Lofts GB20V13393 11716 1268.10 10 Team Mascott GB20D01590 11740 1265.57 11 Olivers Army GB20Z10707 11755 1263.98 12 Joseph Nuciforo GB20N19931 11766 1262.74 13 Pigeon Widows WHU2020B10602 11769 1262.47 14 Gribbles Choice GB20V58619 11787 1260.54 15 Anglesey Lofts GB20V04691 11811 1257.91 16 Yorkshire Puddings GB20P07583 11813 1257.79 17 Big Stan GB20N20491 11825 1256.51 18 P Chesters GB20V31041 11841 1254.75 19 Mark and Ron's Two WHU2020B28918 11910 1247.45 20 The Charmville Lofts GB20P01217 11917 1246.81 That’s all for now guys... I hope you have enjoyed this special one loft report, I will be back soon with hotspots 3 and 4 very soon, Stay safe Sarah. Excelsior Pigeon [email protected]