Report 1 Gerry O’Mara , - Dublin , ISRF  By Jamie Kelly

Report 1 Gerry O’Mara , - Dublin , ISRF By Jamie Kelly

Sandyhill supplies loft report series, Report 1 Gerry O’Mara ,Dublin ,ISRF By Jamie Kelly   So we are going to be doing a series of loft reports on top fanciers and customers of sandyhill supplies, first up we have Mr Gerry O’Mara from Dublin, Gerry start racing in the ISRF from a young age and always had a keen interest in pigeons, Gerry races in the kildonagh club in Dublin and has been highest prize-winner in this club since he joined it in 2014, now that takes a bit of doing to be top prize-winner in a club over such a long period of time ,but moving on from club and Gerry has been at the top of his game in the ISRF in Dublin for many years ,been crowned ISRF champion on many occasions , Gerry has topped the ISRF an amazing 39 times in his racing career including just last season winning the barleycove open in ISRF and also topping ISRF from mallow now that really is some achievement as I’m sure anyone who is familiar with the level of competition in the ISRF would know how hard it is to top the ISRF once never mind 39 times a feat I don’t think we will see been overtaken for fed wins for a very long time by a Dublin fancier and that’s why I feel this man should be talked about in the same breath as the likes of John Patterson and Ronnie Williamson for me all 3 are the elite that have stud the test of time winning at such a high level for 1 year is hard but to do it for a long period like these men is what separates them from the rest , Gerry also topped the ISRF 3 weeks consecutively before against on average 10000 birds, been the only loft ever to achieve this great feat. The base of Gerry’s family of winning birds is Van Loon × Busschaert lines ,Gerry got these birds many years ago ,his main cock in recent times is ‘rocket Ronnie’ ,this cock was a super racer himself winning 1st ISRF and also 3rd ISRF himself but he made an even bigger impact in the breeding loft been sire ,g.sire , g.g.sire to many ISRF winners ,section winners ,slf winners ,,midlands national winner and many, many more pigeons this cocks blood is going through a lot of winning lofts today ,he really is a once in a lifetime pigeon. Now onto Gerry’s system, Gerry races his old bird team on roundabout system, his old bird team is made up of 21 cocks and 25 hens ,these are both trained from 15miles prior to racing then Gerry prefers to fly them around the loft as he used to train a lot more during racing but doesn’t think it makes much difference to old birds ,but Gerry would train his YB more regularly, Gerry gets all his feeding from sandyhill supplies and the 2 main mixes he used during old bird season is vanrobaeys casaert and diets mixes ,they would be fed the diet mix am and casaert mix pm and like most top lofts Gerry said the food would change depending on the race ahead as in wind direction and distance of course ,Gerry treats his flock for all the usual things using all the sandhill supplies products before racing as in worms, cocci, canker and respo and then he will maybe give them a canker treatment every few weeks througout the season if and when he feels the need to. Gerry would  like me to thank all the lads at sandyhill supplies for the great quality of supplies for his pigeons over the years that have helped him win many, many times at the highest level and more importantly for their hospitality towards Gerry and his father Bill throughout the years anytime they visit the shop they are always made welcome, so that’s it folks there u have an insight into 1 of the best fancier ever to race in Ireland and Dublin in the ISRF, with 39 first ISRF wins I’m sure that number will be even higher by the time Gerry hangs up his scraper 1 last time and the man will and should go down as a legend in our sport in Ireland with such results, well done Gerry on an amazing racing career and best of luck this season ??? — with Gerry O'mara.