We held our first show of the year at Birch Coppice Miners Welfare on the 27/10/19. We had a spectacular turn out with 244 Birds in the pens. I would like to say a big thank you to all that help set up and clear away. Also to C Marples family for doing the food again. Also to Gordon for opening up for us early. The judges done a fantastic job for us and we would just like to say a big thanks to E Murray and John Geary for judging Show Racers and Dennis Whates the Racers.Our next show is on the 10/11/19 and then the big one is 1/12/19 this be the Open with nearly £800 in prize money so get ya entries in as soon as poss. Any here are the results starting with Show Racers.

Taking top spot best in Show was C Gilliver with a Mealy Cock and Best opp sex was H Bogle with a blue Cheq Hen

Class 1 Old Cocks 1st,4th C Gilliver 2nd Edson&Wheatcroft 3rd Mr & Mrs R Hughes

Class 2 Old Hens 1st,4th Edson & Wheatcroft 2nd Mr & Mrs R Hughes 3rd C Bullard

Class 3 Yearling Cocks 1st L Withey 2nd Mr & Mrs R Hughes 3rd C Gilliver 4th H Bogle,

Class 4 Yearling Hens 1st,4th Mr & Mrs R Hughes 2nd C Gilliver 3rd N Marples

Class 5 Young Cocks 1st,[B.I.S] 2nd,4th C Gilliver 4th Mr & Mrs R Hughes,

Class 6 Young Hens 1st H Bogle [B.O.S] 2nd Edson & Wheatcroft 3rd J Booton 4th C Gilliver,

Class 7 AACTTW 1st J Booton 2nd Mr & Mrs R Hughes 3rd N Marples 4th H Bogle,

Class 8 AAHTTW 1st,2nd Mr & Mrs R Hughes 3rd N Marples 4th H Bogle.



Racer Classes N Marples took Best in Show with a grizzle Hen and best opp sex went to J&J Woof with a blue Cock Results as follows:










Class 9 Old Cocks 1st [B.O.S] J&J Woof 2nd,3rd,4th A,B&D Spiby.

Class 10 Old Hens 1st [B.I.S.] 2nd N Marples 3rd A,B&D Spiby 4th J Grant&Son.

Class 11 Young Cocks 1st,2nd J Grant & Son 3rd 4th A,B & D Spiby.

Class 12 Young Hens 1st N Marples 2nd 3rd 4th A,B &D Spiby.

Class 13 AACTTW 1st C Gilliver 2nd L Withey 3rd C Bullard 4th N Marples.

Class 14 AAHTTW 1st 3rd C Gilliver 2nd J Grant& Son 4th A,B &D Spiby.

Class 15 AAC Raced 2019 1st 2nd 3rd A,B & D Spiby 4th J & J Woof.

Class 16 AAH Raced 2019 1st 2nd A,B & D Spiby 3rd J Grant& Son 4th C Bullard.






Well Done to all and hope to see you on the 10th Nov