We held our second club show on the 10/11/19 at club HQ. Another great turn out with 308 Entries. We would just like to thank the miners welfare again for opening up early, Colin Marples and all is family for coming to help set up the night before and for doing a great job with the food and especially our youngest member Maisie for all the hard work that she does with helping everybody out and selling raffle tickets. Before judging took place we held a minutes silence for all the fallen. Getting to the judges for the day S Woolley and L Carter [Excelsior Pigeon] Judged the Show racers and done a fantastic job, And the Race Birds classes were judged by Former secretary M Bradford and S Duggan well done to all the judges and thanks for giving up your spare time. Just a quick note the open show on the 1st Dec is looking to be a great day already over the number needed for Blackpool Qualifier So here we go with Results


Show racers:

Class 1 Old Cocks 1st,4th Mr & Mrs R Hughes 2nd Edson & Wheatcroft 3rd H Bogle

Class 2 Old Hens 1st B.O.S. 3rd C Gilliver 2nd Edson & Wheatcroft 4th H Baugh & Son.

Class 3 Yearling Cocks 1st N Marples 2nd,3rd H Bogle 4th C Bullard

Class 4 Yearling Hens 1st H Baugh & Son 2nd H Bogle 3rd Mr & Mrs R Hughes 4th C Bullard

Class 5 Young Cocks 1st,B.I.S.2nd Mr & Mrs R Hughes 3rd Edson & Wheatcroft 4th H Bogle

Class 6 Young Hens 1st H Bogle 2nd C Gilliver 3rd Mr & Mrs R Hughes 4th H Baugh & Son.

Class 7 AACTTW 1st,2nd J Booton 3rd,4th H Bogle.

Class 8 AAHTTW 1st N Marples 2nd Mr & Mrs R Hughes 3rd C Bullard 4th H Bogle.

Well Done



Now to the Racer Classes:


Class 9 Old Cocks 1st,2nd,3rd A,B & D Spiby 4th N Marples

Class 10 Old Hens 1st J & J Woof 2nd A,B & D Spiby 3rd J Grant & Son 4th N Marples.

Class 11 Young Cocks 1st B.O S. 3rd J Grant & Son 2nd,4th A,B & D Spiby,

Class 12 Young Hens 1st,4th A,B & D Spiby 2nd J & J Woof 3rd J Grant & Son

Class 13 AACTTW 1st J Grant & Son 2nd 3rd 4th A,B & D Spiby

Class 14 AAHTTW 1st 4th A,B & D Spiby 2nd C Bullard 3rd J Grant & Son

Class 15 AAC Raced 2019 1st A,B & D Spiby 2nd 4th J & J Woof 3rd C Bullard

Class 16 AAH Raced 2019 B.I.S 1st 3rd 4th A,B & D Spiby 2nd J Grant & Son

Well Done to all